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19 May 2010 10:34 PM (ghm | slackitude | &c)

Hello world!

It's true, there is some fraction of my audience that has not yet compiled Guile, and with you I commiserate. Surely you are missing out.

But with the rest of you, I commiserate also. I write this while compiling psyntax-pp.scm; surely you understand. I write from an abyss actually, a hole of pending patches, a swirl of orbs yet to orbit. Thankfully I'm in a perhaps final bootstrap stage, thus liberty for these words.

So! It's spring! It's not yet beachtime here in the BCN, though it grows ever-near, but the summer is rolling into view, in an oblique slink.

In my listenings, I've heard a number of tunes that talk about k-holes. Apparently this is something related to the drug ketamine, which apparently leads to heartbreak and punk rock, or perhaps I have the causality reversed.

I don't know about ketamine, as I've never tried it, but I am sure that the hack seems a drug as potent. I go through phases of hack and phases of organizing, and these seem mutually exclusive. If I ever seem too dangerous, submit a good bug report, I'll ignore the world for a while, until the loop is closed.

gnu hackers

So! GNU Hackers Meeting 2010, co-located with GUADEC! We're a-hacking on the 24th and 25th of July, that's the Saturday and Sunday, and potentially hacking on in the Monday and Tuesday at the Revolution Space.

The GHM is for GNU hackers. Contributors to GNU projects are most welcome to come, and potentially give talks about the projects they work on -- send us a mail (linked from the above page) so we can schedule things.

The main focus of this particular meeting will be decentralized computing, a popular topic at the last meeting. We'll have Christian Grothoff there, the maintainer of GNUnet, and a motley collection of the GNU crew.

Many (most?) of my readers are part of the GNOME project, and all of you are welcome to attend. The registration deadline is rather soon (15 June), though I imagine it might be extended a week or two ;-)

There is some slight travel assistance available, but not as much as we would like. We'll be pulling strings hither and yon, but if you know of a benefactor, human or otherwise that would be willing to sponsor GNU to the tune of $1K or so, let us know!

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