libreplanet 2009

Brian Gough wrote in to note that felicitously, just prior to the ILC, the Free Software Foundation is organizing LibrePlanet 2009.

So if any GNU hackers want to meet up on Saturday, March 21, perhaps we'll see each other at the conference, or more likely at the bar: the Redline pub on Harvard Square, 18h-21h. (I'll be the jetlagged guy who looks like he's been in transit for 15 hours.)

(I find the FSF a bit strange sometimes -- the suggestion that I'm not actually a member of it without paying money when all of my GNU work is assigned to it is offensive. I can only assume some temporary confusion of otherwise well-intentioned people.)

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  1. pel says:

    I stared at this blog posts title for a long while shaking my head.
    At first I read "librepellant" :)

  2. James Henstridge says:

    Well, you aren't an associate member unless you pay dues. And associate membership doesn't give you a say in how the foundation is run.

    Prior to the current associate membership system, you wouldn't have been considered a member either.

    The only things that keep the FSF on track are the conditions underwhich people have assigned copyright to them and Richard Stallman not compromising on issues that matter.

    So it sounds like you're doing your bit to keep the FSF on the rails.

  3. FreeDeb says:

    Associate Member is a title that indicates that you provide financial support to the FSF. There are other titles for supporters who provide code, like GNU Maintainer or GNU Contributor.

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