election night drinking games

3 November 2008 9:46 PM (drink)

Mike Smith, on loan to San Francisco from Melbourne, notes that the internet is awash in hits for the phrase, "election night drinking games".

This is excellent.

A number of writers suggest the provision of drinks in Red and Blue flavors, representing the gamut of taste that is tasteable in America:

Take a sip of your red drink if:

  • McCain wins a state.

  • Anyone utters the word "maverick."

  • Joe the Plumber makes an appearance. (double points if he's gotten his plumber's license)

  • A pundit implies that Sarah Palin is hot.

Others dispense with the color-flavoring, but still recommend drinking by color:

The election night drinking game is simple and guaranteed to keep you drinking for hours. And if this is anything like the last two elections, you might want to get ready for a three day bender.

All you need to do is gather your friends and buy copious amounts of alcohol. Then divide the blue and red states amongst yourselves. You might pick the blue states if you voted Democratic or drink for the red states to drown your sorrows at the possibility of McCain becoming president.

Both of these high-ranked Google hits come from Florida. I wonder why.

The theme of "take a drink if" reaches higher heights with my favorite, from The Modern Gal, the Joe Sixpack Uno Shout:

Every time a battleground state is called for one candidate or the other, the first person to yell "Joe Sixpack" gets to distribute six drinks among as many people as they would like. If you're drinking alone, you might as well drain your drink. It's going to be a long, lonely night.

Me, I'll be avoiding the Displaced Aristocracy Democrats Abroad 30-euro teleganza, but I will find a place to partake in these games. It's for the sport, you see.

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  1. pvanhoof says:

    In Europe, we just play Risk to simulate conquering the world

  2. butters says:

    In America, we just do it.

  3. jaime says:

    Perfect excuse to get tanked. We've even got our own election drinking game up, check it out:

  4. Kristof says:

    I got another one.
    two teams, one blue one red.
    red team drinks for every electoral vot McCain gets, Blue drinks for every Electoral Obama gets.
    that'll get you pissed faster than a race horse

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