guile ? clutter ? quoi ?

Well, given that I have not figured out how to traverse the great firewall of Bahçeşehir for SMTP+TLS, or, that is, no mail sending... may I claim "first post" for language bindings for Clutter 0.8!

Guile-Clutter 0.8 is out! Download it here:

Or check the fledgling, love-needing docs.

Hack hack hack hack hack

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  1. Tim says:

    FWIW, seems to work for sending mail.

  2. Ricky Younglood says:

    I want to point out that the largest facebook group in Turkey at one point, and for some time, was "Greatest Leather of ALL Time: ATATURK." It says a lot about the country, good and bad. BTW, if you have the freedom, take a flight to eastern Turkey and spend a few days wandering around. It is a beautiful place to explore.

    BTW, the Armenian genocide was a hoax. See my profile link for more info.

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