breathe it out, let it in

"LA is really weird," a friend of mine was claiming back in Barcelona. "People walk around all the time with coffee cups in their hands. I was in Santa Monica and it was creepy, between about 7 and 9 in the morning it must be obligatory or something, everyone on the street had one."

I'm in Los Angeles, until next Friday, hacking at the lab. Sounds much better than "working at the main office", doesn't it?

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  1. Joe Buck says:

    Your friend would really be impressed with Seattle, then. You can't go half a block without passing an espresso outlet, and on my first visit, the city buses all had poems on the subject of coffee.

  2. jaars van der oops says:

    the united states is a dubious proposition at any given instant, though -- since we humans are at our best when flaunting, manifesting, or at least acknowledging our fundamental contradiction-based structure -- it also remains one of the most fascinating conutry-organism propositions. as regards coffee, zoroaster bless america for understanding that some beverages are best got and had at the whim or urgency of the drinker, unbounded by any social presupposition. the rather more european insistence on coffee's being a prescription doled out only at certain times and in particular volumes is dully restrictive and deleterious, especially to gleeful protestant work. [what likely changes this, the export of scarduckian mcjoe loci from vespucci's find, is an unfortunate lament.]

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