happy birthday gnome!

15 August 2007 1:09 AM (scheme | gnome | guile)

Marco Barisione writes that today is GNOME's 10th birthday, replete with delicious-looking cake.

I went back and read the amusing announcement mail about the project. One can only presume that people at that time in the past still struggled with such modern inventions as punch cards and flushing toilets. Sin embargo there appears this modern gem:

We plan to use GTK/Scheme bindings for coding small utilities and applications. When these bindings are more mature, it should be possible to write complete applications in Scheme.

What time travel techniques could these persons have been employing to have access to my development repositories?

Less facetiously, I'm still plugging away releasing stable Guile-GNOME libraries, trying to define what exactly is the API of the library bindings, and to implement tests to ensure that the binding coverage does not regress. Perhaps in another 2-6 months or so everything will be out, and I (and other GNOME hackers with a fondness for parentheses, and parenthetical notes) will have no excuse for avoiding the application space.

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  1. Numpty says:

    Best part is the follow-up message from Dan Hollis:

    "IMHO this is a knee-jerk reaction to a nonexistent problem.
    Best of luck doing this with GTK... it has a long ways to catch up with Qt."


  2. Ricky Youngblood says:

    Are you alive?

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