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25 May 2007 1:57 AM (scheme | gnome | guile | ffi | mintzkov)


I've been looking at different Schemes in their interactions with C.

Using C to interact with MzScheme: extreme badness.

On the other hand their FFI module, while very low level, seems doable. Using foreign is Scheme programming, which I haven't been doing much of lately. It's very similar to Python's ctypes module, which is at one level disappointing, because the necessary information is there to construct wrappers at compile-time. Perhaps MzScheme has some cleverness I don't know about.

I released guile-gnome-platform 2.15.92. A couple more tweaks and that will be off my brain and I can move up the stack to making a synthesizer, maybe.

I found this in my wordpress today, apparently written a while ago:

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Am enjoying mintzkov.

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