14 July 2006 5:26 PM (scoffage | fortran)


Someone at aikido this morning found out I was a programmer. He proceeded to ask me where he could get a free copy of Fortran. 77. Chuckles, yea even belly laughs spilled forth.


On the death march!

open letter

From: Self Sufficient Individuals of Planet Earth (S.S.I.P.E.)
To: The bourgeoisie
Subject: Air conditioning.

HA! How we scoff you. Scoff! Scoff, even as you sit with your illness-inducing artificially dry recirculated air product, scoff as you erect glass barriers defining inside and outside, scoff. We the self-sufficient know that all that might be needed are the rotary blades of a fan for air circulation to activate our God-given sweat glands, cooling us via the traditional and natural method of evaporation. Your pollution-spewing vehicles spew all the more, carcinogens and oil wars just to maintain your comfort. Those of us with need of car drive them with our arms out the window.

Also, anytime you want to have us over to your house to hang out that's cool.

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  1. Anonymous qgil says:

    It must be hot there.

  2. Davyd says:

    GNU to the rescue.

    It compiles most of what you can throw at it, but hasn't been ported to GCC 4.0 :(

    On the other hand, gfortran is a F90/95 compiler and does have a 4.0 version, but doesn't have a complete implementation of all the Fortran intrinsics and requires serious numbers of options to compile F77 code.

    Autotools will automagically handle Fortran code. You can pass it in SOURCES and it will use the right compiler and link it all together, allowing me to grab random subroutines implemented in Fortran from our catalog and drop them into my application.

  3. wingo says:

    qgil: Indeed.

    davyd: I did point him there, post-chuckle. I spent some time with the formula translation myself, in a past life :)

  4. says:

    Your such S.S.I.P.E. !
    Ventilator are cheap, build your own little peace harbour and watch your fellow worker suffering !!


  5. Ludovic says:

    That was me the last comment

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