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13 May 2006 11:54 PM (random)


This has been my longest writing gap since when I moved to Namibia. There's no real excuse for that in a country where wherever I am there's a dozen wireless networks permeating my cells. En fin, "my bad dude".

There was snow in Portland when I last wrote. I taught classes for a week there, a most exhausting activity. I prefer programming. In the end the folks were satisfied, I think.

Portland's a nice town. The excellent thing about it was, beside the city, getting to hang out with Dan of the pointy moustache and Bree, an old friend from when I was studying in Salamanca. Excellent, excellent people. Also serendipitously a friend from Peace Corps was in town, so we got to hang out as well. Where hang out eventually meant me going to a strip club (not the moebius) for the first time. Let's call it "interesting" and leave it at that.

After being back for a week, I headed off to visit my sister in Belfast for some St. Paddy's day fun. There I was informed of the existence of the ulster fry, which possesses an intensity. I remain perplexed about the nature of "brown sauce", however.

Somewhere in all of that, I found a new flat and moved into it. It's in Sant Andreu, a bit out of the center, an attic duplex with two terraces. Quite pleasant. I am woken by sun on my face in the morning.

In the flat move I developed a communications backlog, which I'm still working on "flushing out" as it were.

Also in the mix, there have been a number of terrace party-type events. I started to link but got a bit bored -- lots of photos are there in the photo thingie.

Photo thingie

Which brings me to the second point I had, which was that f-spot really rocks my world. I love using it. I can't say that about any other program on my computer.

I've wanted to figure out a decent way of putting my photos online. I realized that what I wanted was to use f-spot to "manage" my photos, and then sync it up with the web so people can see. Basically, the approach taken by jimmac when he made original. It took a while to figure out the path of least resistance, but it all became clear when I saw the GUADEC tag cloud. THAT'S what I wanted. A few nights of thinking and one day of coding later, I present my underfeatured bastard stepchild of original (source here). Hopefully I can figure out a way to push this code to someone else. Maybe I can trick jimmac into taking it for his own :)

I have a few more hacks to write about, but that's enough for tonight.

come on feet, cruise for me

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