enjoying the widening gyre

23 January 2006 6:20 PM (random)


Tried to see Brokeback Mountain, but it was sold out when we got there -- Broken Flowers instead. Two/four words: "Resonating WTF". Like l'etranger in some ways, without the killing and such.

My buddy Leif has a wonderful copper bowl he got in Nepal. When you rub your finger around it, it fills the space outside with a ringing from its inside. Somehow the movie reminds me of that bowl.

saddest songs ever

Songs that make the jaw gape and the cranium boggle: Little Sparrow, by the Country Gentlemen (is it by them?). Actually I was going to make a list as an excuse to mention that tune, but there is nothing that can hold its own against the Duffey/Waller harmonies in Little Sparrow, except perhaps anything else by the Country Gentlemen.

OK it's not sad but I've heard another one that can stand up to the harmonies just now, Melt the Teakettle by Darol Anger. Hot hot hot hot fiddle. Yow. Yow!


The world turns 26 today! Happy solipsistic birthday everyone!

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