9 December 2005 1:54 AM (random | gstreamer)

It seems I haven't written for a while. I only have the desire to write when I'm walking the streets though. Sitting down in front of a machine turns me into a consumer. Consume p.g.o. Consume random news media. Consume all of my mailing lists. Refresh, refresh. I need therapy or something.

Back to the real world, we definitely cooked a fine thanksgiving dinner a couple of weeks ago. Week and a half, I suppose, and I when I say we I mean the australians. Thanks Mike, Jaime, and Jan. Although if it weren't for Mike I wouldn't have been so hung over Saturday morning and wouldn't have sounded so pathetic on the phone calling for help "Jaime Jan please come bird it still has feathers". Jaime has a good play-by-play of the event, replete with pictures.

Good though. Thanksgiving makes me feel good. Also the gumbo made from the turkey carcass makes me feel good, both while cooking and consuming. Consume consume. (There were 5 pies to consume at this event -- 2 apple-walnut from the lovely tiffany, one pumpkin pie by the lovely me, one apple by the lovely Mike, and one pecan bastard-child pie from all hands in the kitchen. Tasty pies, each and every one.

After the Thanksgiving weekend there was a krazy week at work, putting final polishes on, and putting final dabs of putty in the holes of, GStreamer 0.10. I link to Christian Schaller's hyped-up description of the release, but it's true -- I've been more proud of software before, but not by much. GStreamer 0.10 is quite an accomplishment.

After an odd weekend (intended to be low-key, went out until 7 on Friday night), it was back to work. <![CDATA<

an odd thing to think, as if work defines existence?
work is fun and all (see footnote 1) but I think
25 hours a week would allow me much more poss-
ibilities for personal growth

Did somebody say work? Because I was just thinking that! Lately I've been hacking the clock synchronization stuff into flumotion. It is looking most excellent. It's tough to do a job properly, such that no one will have to come and clean up after you later, but it's also satisfying. I am pleased with work right now.

That's the week kids, a bit of hacking, a bit of aikido, a bit of random vacation days on a Thursday. A bit of cold outside that penetrates the bones, given enough time. I give to almost all beggars in this season. They do not have a kickass chili waiting for them at home as I did today.

Footnote 1: Julien (fluendo chief and also nice fellow) put in a new policy of 20% time, for example like they have at Google, and about which NITI folks often speak. Most excellent in my opinion; tomorrow is the first one. Rock.

Footnote 2: Google links thrive off of descriptive link text. I hope NITI folks appreciate the referrals for "often" and "speak".

Footnote 3: This writing product finishes here. Pending topics: an upcoming trip home, musical discoveries of 2005.

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