lost days

Just spent two days trying to get Ubuntu to install on a Dell Precision 380. It works fine without USB, but these days that's not good enough. Got a bit painful at the end, and the hangover on the second day didn't help. Figured it out in the end (ubuntu bug #14477 for the interested). One line, two days. Crazy productive.

BUT. Now that it is working, I have a 20 inch widescreen flat panel screen. Oh yes. That is 220 columns of emacs goodness. I should find a font that gives me an extra 20 and I can edit three files side-by-side.

(Not intending to start a whose-monitor-is-larger contest -- this one wins compared to anything I've ever used, and that's what important!)


Get python backtraces from GDB. Copy that file into .gdbinit and type pystack. Bling!

Johannes Berg reverse engineered the motion sensor in powerbooks a couple weeks ago. A week later Stefan Pop comes out with a driver for Linux. Neat. Now we can do neat stuff too.

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