american updates

4 May 2005 11:27 PM (america)

Places I have slept while home in the states: Concord (NC), Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Greyhound buses, Amtrak, Madonna MD, Washington DC.

Forms of transport taken: Other peoples' cars, amtrak, greyhound, metro in DC, regional rail in MD, airplane, rental convertible (bling!).

Unexpected developments: Getting a spanish visa requires not only documents passport and pictures but also 100 duckets and a waiting time of up to 15 days. Made to sit on the Group W, got-no-stamped-letter-from-the-ministry bench.

Coincidences: My two friends in Washington, one from high school, one from Namibia, know each other. A friend from New York was in Baltimore when I went up there to see someone else.

Persons who also enjoy stupid lists: Robert Love.

So... related to the third item, it looks like instead of going back to .es on Saturday I'm at the whims of the nice people at the Spanish consulate in Washington. Hope to see gnomers at 6UADEC at the end of the month.

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