end of the year clearance

Yes ladies and gentlemen, verily doth the 2004 roll to its close. Gone are the shrinking days in the northern hemisphere, waning are their counterparts in the south. It's good to be home this time.

I've been checking off foods from my list: grits, country ham, biscuits, the reuben sandwich, sweet tea, cheerwine (a soft drink), gumbo, boiled crawfish, oyster poorboys, oyster stew, life cereal, sunchips, claussen dill pickles, et cetera. These are the things of which I have dreamed. Although, I seem to have lost my taste for sweet tea. It's just too much. But it had to be consumed.

web notes

I vainly registered the vanity domain, wingolog.org. It's easier to say than ambient.2y.net/wingo/. Also, I like all its high vowel concentration. Change links as you like, but the old ones will continue to work, thanks to mod_alias. A clever utility, that.

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