notes from the +1 country code

21 December 2004 2:17 AM (america)

Back in America again! It's a nice place to be. Besides seeing the family and friends, I had a list of three things to check off: grits, punk rock, and non-yellow beer. Grits will have to wait for North Carolina, but the last two have been summarily dispatched.

I landed in San Francisco, and am staying at Pete and Leif's house. It's quite beautiful, one of these typical lower-Haight buildings with rounded bay windows letting in the morning light. Pete bought a 22-foot sailboat a month ago, and we got to take it out on the bay yesterday. And, I got the burrito yesterday that I always imagined in my African dreams.

I head to Louisiana on Wednesday to see my grandparents, and back to home on Christmas. It's a fun trip, but not so much time for hacking, of course.

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