cage writings

20 February 2004 10:32 AM (computers | music)

an old screenshot

soundscrape work is coming along. here's a screenshot from earlier this month showing a running loop, as well as the source editor and the index of the texinfo viewer. Don't check CVS for it, though, it's in my arch archive.


Or not. I have about US$0.80 to my name. Great.

john cage

Reading Silence by John Cage started me down the audio hacking road four years ago. Then as I was thinking more about how to do it last year, I found another book by him, not as good but still made me think. Then I found out that SuperCollider, the model for soundscrape, was used for performance of some of Cage's pieces (not by him, though). Now as I'm regaining perspective on music after hacking guile-gnome for so long, I found another book just sitting around here in Namibia, MUSICAGE. Sometimes he has flaky ideas, but what an inspiration.

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