5 October 2002 5:28 PM (random | computers)

Monthly postings, so it goes.


Just about got a release out the door. Having a bit of trouble garnering interest for it, though -- sometimes there are just things that everyone wants done but no one wants to actually do. It makes me a bit pessimistic about free sw development, but that's probably just my social character; I enjoy doing things in a group more than alone. Go figure.

I suppose my concern is partly on a practical note, given that I leave the country on the 25th for two years. 14 hour layover in Amsterdam, yay :-) (peace corps -- namibia)

Code-wise it of course means that I need to wrap things up. I suppose that applies more generally across my life right now too. Sell the truck, pack up my stuff, get rid of many things. I don't want anything that woud force me to come back to the US -- If I do come back, I would prefer it to be a conscious choice.


So what are things going to be like in a couple of years? I'm a G* man myself, so my speculation is somewhat limited to the Gtk+/Gnome/Gst world I suppose. Also linux audio dev as well. Will there be a decent, free non-linear editor by then? Will ardour be in widespread use in studios? Will there be an integration of SVG in the desktop? What about the office products, where will they be with respect to M$? C#? Will mono have taken over mindshare by then?

Will I ever code in C again? Probably so, but damn, it's about time to stop.

Will my mom run linux? Probably not. Maybe five years, maybe.

Will I have to give a blood sample to play my cd's?

The questions. It's a nice time to think right now, being on the edge of leaving for a while. I'll probably have another entry before I do shove off -- until then, happy hacking.

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