12 August 2002 1:51 AM (random | computers)

bgeiger: Thanks for the suggestion. At first I thought, "Some POS self-help book from some..." -- then I realized that it's the same George Leonard sensei who posts to aikiweb and I understood. He writes the most insightful stuff over there, I'll actually see if I can't get a copy of his book now. Thanks!

That makes me wonder what the interfaces are between coding and other endeavors. Somehow, through this book, the implicit suggestion is that Leonard sensei's understanding, his mastery of aikido enabled him to formulate something that could apply to various aspects of life. What does coding tell us, then? When one reaches the status of 'master', are there any applications to other things? Mastery not, of course, meaning the color of your name on advo.

One thing I've been learning recently is that if a problem looks tough, something is wrong with the way I'm looking at it. Some things are more complicated than others, naturally, but I get the feeling that there are more simple answers than we expect. Maybe in programming, we might just have to re-orient our algorithmic coordinate system so that we can more clearly see the correct solution in algorithm-space.

Gah, I sound like a flake.

On a lighter note, I had a weekend of debauchery, more or less. Loitering, partying, staying out late and getting up in the afternoon. Some working on the new raleigh aikikai dojo -- we're building sprung floors, it's nice.

The first fall leaves that I've seen fell today. Pin oaks. Summer quickly fading into pumpkin season.

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