Yay, advogato back. Reload... reload... wait for it... Which reminds me, thanks for the site, raph, I know I'm not the only one to fiend for some rant-space :-)


was fun. Got to meet thomasvs finally, what a fine fellow. Also, meeting the gnome hackers was nice. That was fun, now there's work to do. I'm working on improving LADSPA in GStreamer by adding support for LADSPA 1.1 and improving the int/float and (de)interleaving code. Kindof tedious getting capabilities negotiation to work out with nonlinear pipelines, but necessary.


I got one -- I saw on /. some comment that 'most open-source coders probably aren't left-wing radicals working nights waiting tables who code during the day..' and thought, hey that's me. Sushi Breeze, downtown Raleigh, we open on Monday. Dinner only.

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