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3 July 2002 5:26 PM (random | gstreamer)


I've been working some more on beatbox, an app that's designed to be somewhat like part of gdam but make extensive use of jack and gstreamer, two of my favorite pieces of software these days. The web page is a little out of date, and the software itself is in transition to a somewhat different model of "tracks" and "effects". I'll update it soon. I'm just pleased that I'm hacking on apps again and not working on libs as much.


So the folks from lad set up an IRC channel (#lad/opn). It's pretty neat to be able to chat with a lot of those kids...

... but. So much blather. People pontificating about their projects. Folks popping in wanting to be hand-held (more of a problem in #gstreamer/#g*). If you reply to a newbie, being nice, sometimes they flood the channel, kindof like a fire extinguisher but digital. I guess I'll deal. I don't want it to become impersonal, and I hate being really aloof... balances, balances...


Still looking for a job. I even went to a temp agency today. You can't even find manual labor jobs easily. It's degrading.

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