cps in hoot

hoot's wasm toolkit

growing a bootie

on hoot, on boot

partitioning pitfalls for generational collectors

hacking v8 with guix, bis

on the impossibility of composing finalizers and ffi

guix on the framework 13 amd

family bike transportation

nombrilliant, actually

micro macro story time

missing the point of webassembly

scheme modules vs whole-program compilation: fight

v8's precise field-logging remembered set

service update

sir talks-a-lot

a simple hdr histogram

v8's mark-sweep nursery

the last 5 years of V8's garbage collector


tree-shaking, the horticulturally misguided algorithm

a whiff of whiffle

whiffle, a purpose-built scheme

i accidentally a scheme

requiem for a stringref

on safepoints

a negative result

on « the ministry for the future »

parallel futures in mobile application development

approaching cps soup

structure and interpretation of ark

structure and interpretation of flutter

structure and interpretation of nativescript

structure and interpretation of react native

structure and interpretation of capacitor programs

sticking point

a world to win: webassembly for the rest of us

pre-initialization of garbage-collected webassembly heaps

whippet: towards a new local maximum

three approaches to heap sizing

parallel ephemeron tracing

ephemeral success

i'm throwing ephemeron party & you're invited

we iterate so that you can recurse

a simple semi-space collector

are ephemerons primitive?

ephemerons and finalizers

the sticky mark-bit algorithm

on "correct and efficient work-stealing for weak memory models"

new month, new brainworm

accessing webassembly reference-typed arrays from c++

just-in-time code generation within webassembly

coarse or lazy?

unintentional concurrency

an optimistic evacuation of my wordhoard

blocks and pages and large objects


webassembly: the new kubernetes?

cross-module inlining in guile

guile's reader, in guile

sign of the times

here we go again

99% spam

on "binary security of webassembly"

malloc as a service

a baseline compiler for guile

understanding webassembly code generation throughput

multi-value webassembly in firefox: a binary interface

multi-value webassembly in firefox: from 1 to n

firefox's low-latency webassembly compiler

state of the gnunion 2020

lessons learned from guile, the ancient & spry

thoughts on rms and gnu

fibs, lies, and benchmarks

pictie, my c++-to-webassembly workbench

lightening run-time code generation

bigint shipping in firefox!

heap object representation in spidermonkey

correct or inotify: pick one

lightweight concurrency in lua

design notes on inline caches in guile

notes from the fosdem 2018 networking devroom

instruction explosion in guile

spectre and the end of langsec

a new interview question

the hardest thing about hiring is avoiding the fash

a new concurrent ml

growing fibers

an early look at p4 for software networking

guile 2.2 omg!!!

it's probably spam

encyclopedia snabb and the case of the foreign drivers

An incomplete history of language facilities for concurrency

is go an acceptable cml?

concurrent ml versus go

a simple (local) solution to the pay gap

a lambda is not (necessarily) a closure

guile compiler tasks

talks i would like to give in 2016

unboxing in guile

the half strap: self-hosting and guile

embracing conway's law

two paths, one peak: a view from below on high-performance language implementations

type folding in guile

amores prohibidos

developing v8 with guix

loop optimizations in guile

cps soup

Pfmatch, a packet filtering language embedded in Lua

arrow functions coming to chrome 45!

state of js implementations, 2014 edition

there are no good constant-time data structures

scheme workshop 2014

on yakshave, on color, on cosines, on glitchen

generators in firefox now twenty-two times faster

ffconf 2014

ffs ssl

high-performance packet filtering with pflua

a wingolog user's manual

revisiting common subexpression elimination in guile

on gnu and on hackers

flow analysis in guile

effects analysis in guile

stack overflow

es6 generator and array comprehensions in spidermonkey

compost, a leaf function compiler for guile

elf in guile

a continuation-passing style intermediate language for guile

optimizing let in spidermonkey

a register vm for guile

scheme quiz time!

es6 generators and iteration in spidermonkey

time for money

but that would be anarchy!

ecmascript generators from a performance perspective

no master

generators in v8

inside full-codegen, v8's baseline compiler

thoughts on blink

sexuality and sexism

on generators

closedgl particle simulation in guile

knocking on private back doors with the web browser

an opinionated guide to scheme implementations

corps: bespoke text codecs


quasiconf 2012: lisp @ froscon


inside javascriptcore's low-level interpreter

dltool mines dwarf

rococo, and then rubble

10 years of wingolog

inline cache applications in scheme

list of ian lance taylor's linker articles

stranger in these parts

doing it wrong: cse in guile

the merry month of ma

an in-depth look at the performance of guile's web server

for love and $

palindromically delimited carnival

unexpected concurrency

eval, that spectral hound

javascript eval considered crazy

webkittens! lexical scoping is in danger!

fscons 2011: free software, free society

JavaScriptCore, the WebKit JS implementation

the user in the loop

what's your C migration plan?

partial evaluation in guile

a schemer at jsconf.eu

from ssa to native code: v8's lithium language

the gnu extension language

to guadec!

a closer look at crankshaft, v8's optimizing compiler

static single assignment for functional programmers

v8: a tale of two compilers

guile 2.0.2: building the guildhall

security implications of jit compilation

on-stack replacement in v8

V8 is faster than GCC

what does v8 do with that loop?

value representation in javascript implementations

javascript in 2011

meta: per-tag feeds

new beginnings


storage primitives for the distributed web

bart and lisa, hacker edition

/usr/local, fedora, rpath, foo

ports, weaks, gc, and dark matter

guile 2.0 is out!

gnu at fosdem

"free as in beer"?

types and the web

doing it wrong

on the new posix

meta data

words that don't mean what you want them to: limn

cap a la vaga general

abusing the c compiler

planetary rotations


living in a (hac)k-hole

slouching towards bethlehem

towards a gnu autonomous cloud

code not burgers

recent developments in guile

ides of march

with the prophetic voice

guile and delimited continuations

lunches and lunches

sidelong glimpses

sindicat, dia zero



twenty ten


gnu, gnome, and the fsf

maxwell's equations of software

in which our protagonist forgoes modesty


hacker culture, permaculture

class redefinition in guile

optionals, keywords, oh my!

case-lambda in guile

digital interfaces


read what i wrote on my shirt

thigh fives

wikipedia & guile

goto 1965

farewell, amat ciutat

the good hack

guadec ho!

the chosen one

in the beginning was the word

hospitalized for approaching perfection

poverty, riches

the very merry month of may

international lisp conference 2009, day three, part 1

international lisp conference -- day two

international lisp conference 2009 -- day one

libreplanet 2009

on psyntax

notes from the city margins

call/cc and ecmascript

ecmascript for guile

visualizing statistical profiles with chartprof

days, months, years

a brief history of guile

git and bzr

i, lucifer

another (turkey) bites the dust

things I did

dangling pointers

((lambda (x) ((compile x) x)) '(lambda (x) ((compile x) x)))

whoisi impressions

barna dispatch

election night drinking games

guile bar mitzvah

dynamic dispatch: a followup

dispatch strategies in dynamic languages

libtool + gdb, a cure for pain

merging in unrelated git branches

breadcrumbs for future me

the economy, stupid

breaking silence, innocuously

on the many roads to perdition

introducing griddy

so you want to build a compositor


guile ? clutter ? quoi ?

how to choose between equivalent options

notes from the bosphorus

stable guile-gnome released

sunset skies; a plea for help; an outgrowing

red pill

pompous notes from the passive tense

regarding decadence

gnome in the age of decadence


iraq veterans against the war; guile-vm

an admission

catching memory leaks with valgrind's massif

a preview look at quagmire

spamming the world into submission


object closure and the negative specification

readings, and expoundings thereon

git: a transcriptional database

allocate, memory (part 2 of n)

allocate, memory (part one of n)

hear, memory

fedora is the new ubuntu

breathe it out, let it in

how to vanish the hour

random rules


using newfangled version control systems from emacs

si cuela, cuela

biting the hand that feeds

I'm telling you



yuletide notes

in which our protagonist changes jobs

convert a bazaar repository to a set of patches


when the mike is in my hand, i'm never hesitant

reducing the footprint of python applications

myopic ajuntament

looking at the working week

quarterly shmorterly

the wax wing bits

brought to you by torres viña sol

random things



monday evening dispatches

unas merecidas vacaciones

go put it in a washing machine

happy birthday gnome!


dealing with mail

documenting language bindings

to birmingham!

on the wire

fold, xml, presentations

mixed nuts

rest in peace, anthony.

bread crumbs

foreign interfaces

-*- text -*-

the phoneless

steal our code

mayday, mayday

random rules: ombliguismo

How to switch a wordpress installation to use Debian packages

photophonic updates


fosdem, presentations, foo

presentations and svg

catalan dispatches


(pop! stack) => 'guadec-archives



songs about pottery

why god made buttermilk

radical adults

autumn sweater

high on sodium vapor

curiosity and the catechism

spottie ottie

poetic notes of highschool journal keepers

from france to the new continent, via galicia and barcelona

the wild green yonder

exciting papers!



group w bench

for every action

sittin in a park in paris france

rain on tin

the verb calificar and the dance sardana

the world is our clique



cypherpunks writecode

cashing in your policy


passing through unconscious states

So you want to stream a conference?

feverish days, sleepless nights

inside and outside

pallet on the floor

tenuous verticality

tape ate the player

it can't be all that pretty

lost my wallet and feeling fine

come on feet

american dispatches


enjoying the widening gyre


bang bang

Musical roundup of 2005 (yee ha)


Craft; deceitful cunning; &c.

plane from spain


turkey preparations

alice and bob

post-harvest moon

Google profiler a nice gesture but.




dv capture



Collected works

buggin out

new orleans

lost days

August fulcrum



up to the date


ppc ruminations

and the jets



meeting morning from night

Headed home

how to know your visit is too long

much ado

sunday collection

american updates

text relocations and malicious media


pretending we're bunny rabbits

odds and evens


advogato plugin for wordpress 1.5

Rollin the dice

Inversion of inversion of control


purity of intent


Regarding Mr. Schaller

Down settleage

deceptive labelling

spanish diaries

canonical source

advogato importer for wordpress

end of the year clearance

notes from the +1 country code

compound fractures

culture and code






nine months with arch


Anarchists now and then


All Aboard

SXML and authoring


XAML Schmaml

Driving Mr. Schaller

heading out

literate programming with guile-lib

oh, the luck!

project updates

schoolnet, guile-gnome


advogato plugin for wordpress


classroom notes

still hackin

notes from the computer lab

it shouldn't be this way

random meditations


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first post!

administrative note

22 May 2004

channeling satan

pulling knuthes

oversized crania

canine consumption

where we're at

call the batmobile

africasource postmortem


season of omagongo

ondjuhwa oto lika po

to be juiced

cage writings


liquid from the sky

roasted baby jesus

catching chickens

failure to fail

hereby dubbed

why texinfo?

a first stab at modern texinfo

graphical repl, one year moAfrica

perfectly good airplanes

farther on, still go farther


computers in africa





to the dark continent


in praise of the break

beatbox, communities, unemployment.

gst-editor again

bigass truck


first post