What's this, an about page? That's one of those things responsible people make, right?

I suspect here we should have a photo of me, mostly my face, appearing knowledgeable. Or witty. Caring? Hard-nosed? The prototypal patriarch: strong, and silent? Or are these too many words already?

Well, never mind that. Time and text flow to a new topic: work! Here I mention my current job, along with an illustrious series of past positions. Let us not forget the academic qualifications, up-puffed and capitalized, and perhaps a couple of quirky things...

Or maybe we save the quirky things for this paragraph. Unusual adjectival noun-noun pairs: something outdoorsy perhaps? Or urban spelunkery? Yes, verily is your author a beautiful snowflake, a pretty pretty prince and/or princess.

Or, or: perhaps we leave the spelunkery to the reader. Hither, & thither, & yon. Yes. Let us leave it at that.